Open-Source Release 07.08.2020 21:40

With slight delay, we release all our services and infrastructure.

Thanks for playing saarCTF 2020! 23.03.2020 17:51

Hi all,

thanks again for playing saarCTF 2020 with us, we hope you liked it.

Congratulations to the top three teams:

  1. Bushwhackers
  2. ALLES!
  3. More Smoked Leet Chicken

In the meantime also the scoreboard has been published on ctftime, and we encourage you to also vote there.

Finally, we are really looking forward to reading your write-ups (shout-out to More Smoked Leet Chicken and NoPwnIntended who already published theirs for SchlossbergCaves).

See you soon

Let's go! 21.03.2020 14:00

The decryption key is: 668f4a1bd5f1dd5a89393a0310156568

Have fun!

Vulnbox Preload 17.03.2020 20:38

The encrypted vulnbox is available for preloading:

VirtualBox ova file

Cloud Bundle

$> sha256sum *
1a2fe937e532b8033007e9180251ab67339bb241efde99f9fa68c5af59a9ca06  saarctf-vulnbox.7z
4b4834b23c064ab07d892c11764d4a75119a941c3db48234cac780ae0ec36865  saarctf-vulnbox.tar.xz.gpg

VPN , VMs and Cloud Hosting 17.03.2020 14:13

Dear saarCTF participants,

with less than 4 days to go, we release VPN configurations and images on our website. Teams can now setup router VM and testbox VM. Please contact us per mail or IRC if things break.

Check to see if your setup is functional.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, many teams (including us) can't meet together and play at one location. To help affected teams participating, we added the option to host all your team infrastructure (router, vulnbox, game VPN and a private VPN for your team) on a cloud server. We provide scripts and instructions to host a router VM for your team (including team-internal VPN) and migrate the vulnbox to a cloud server. We hope this lowers the barrier so that all of you can participate. For details check out the cloud setup instructions. If anything is unclear contact us per mail or IRC.

$> sha256sum *
15d8ed7e9dcfcb9e86247bbb82bc07c2b5cecf34f25c8964c201e558b7fad99d  saarctf-router.ova
2ad115a6fb984d9deb6b4de07cd3338304cbce27a30bc41fbad783019d27b565  saarctf-testbox.ova
204bde340658098a980019d5b955953cfecb3c32735aad3e559950f3dcfd7f68  saarctf-testbox.tar.xz

saarCTF announced! 11.03.2020 21:15

We have finally planned the first iteration of our international, online attack-defense CTF competition!

saarCTF 2020 will take place on 21.03.2020, 14:00 UTC and last for 9 hours, plus one hour preparation time where network is closed. Registration is open and will close a few hours before the competition starts. The competition is open to everybody.

We invite all participants to join us on a guided tour through Saarland/Germany. Come with us and visit fantastic places with fantastic security — or not.