Thanks for playing saarCTF 2021! 08.05.2021 23:00

Hi all,

thanks again for playing saarCTF 2021 with us, we hope you liked it.

Congratulations to the top three teams:

  1. Bushwhackers
  2. FluxFingers
  3. FAUST

The scoreboard has been published on ctftime, and we encourage you to also vote there.

Finally, we are really looking forward to reading your write-ups!

See you soon

Aaaaand open! 08.05.2021 14:00

gogogogo, network is open

We are live! 08.05.2021 13:00

The vulnbox decryption key is: 29cf390a0e28da4aec2a5dbf263dae04

Vulnbox Preload 07.05.2021 15:36

The encrypted vulnbox is available for preloading: Vulnbox ova file

$> sha256sum *
d4941b2e78b6a77484bd9a346ea2db6e6cbbf8074e2de2fd511402325a410674  output-vulnbox/saarctf-vulnbox.7z
04a07808c6eb96571321f72186d5f00582ea8bf1d590cb3d9e6adad9e2d14425  output-vulnbox/saarctf-vulnbox.tar.xz.gpg

For those who want us to host their vulnbox in the cloud: Please log in and switch to cloud hosting on your team page! You don't need to download the encrypted vulnbox.

VPN , VMs and Cloud Hosting 05.05.2021 14:44

Dear saarCTF participants,

with less than 3 days to go, we release VPN configurations and images on our website. Teams can now setup router VM and testbox VM. Please contact us per mail or IRC if things break.

Check to see if your setup is functional.

If you want us to host the box for you, you can select this option on your team page ("switch to cloud hosting"). In this case, you do not need to prepare any VM.

$> sha256sum *
95a93a77d02990bbce276ab4d5a30345f0acf444625b716e2fe64d6229ef9b35  saarctf-router.ova
645a041289b54a3039e3d97ece12ca7ddc848eb9e5058e8ef7cff5cac4e571ac  saarctf-testbox.ova
ed7bd9b717314b7a9a9ee3702c3ad534f1cf2cfd0c22788c5cef889bf6a70443  saarctf-testbox.tar.xz

Registration open and Cloud Hosting 09.03.2021 10:50

The registration for saarCTF 2021 is now available, and will stay open until a few hours before the competition starts.

This year, we offer you to host your vulnbox VM in the cloud for you, making things much easier to set up! Of course we will still provide Virtualbox Images as usual.

saarCTF 2021 announced! 09.03.2021 10:36

Our second iteration, saarCTF 2021 will take place on 08.05.2021, 13:00 UTC and last for 8 hours, plus one hour preparation time where network is closed. Registration will be available soon. The competition is open to everybody.

We invite all participants to join us on a guided tour through Saarland/Germany. Come with us and visit fantastic places with fantastic security — or not.